Month: April 2017

April 28, 2017 / Science


My physics teacher in high school first introduced me to the Dutch equivalent of the saying “to Measure is to know.” In the current climate of anti-intellectualism a.k.a. post-truth, measuring is often attacked. Let’s have a look at measuring and its pitfalls.

April 21, 2017 / Being a Dad

Being a DadMy one-year-old’s upstairs, in bed, sleeping off the morning. My back hurts from carrying her around and running after her. She’s been ill a lot the last month, and was teething, but things seem to be alright again today. I have an hour or so to myself to do the chores and write a little.

I often hear ‘nothing can prepare you for parenthood’. Maybe that’s true, but you know: I’m a writer, it’s my job to describe the indescribable.

So I say ‘challenge accepted’.

April 14, 2017 / Reviews
April 7, 2017 / Science
Orbital mechanics
The background image is from the European Space Agency. It is listed as the LH 95 star forming region of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The image was taken using the Hubble Space Telescope. The rest is public domain.

Before humanity managed to send man-made objects into space seventy-five years ago, the field of orbital mechanics didn’t really exist. Only the movements of other celestial bodies mattered. Things have really changed since then.