Role-playing games, what are they?


You play role-playing games? Like the video games?’ I’ve been asked this a lot, or the even worse, ‘That’s what you do in the bedroom, right?’ I’ve been playing role-playing games for twenty years now and had this a lot. How do you explain a role-playing game to people without them thinking you’re acting out scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey? Or, alternatively, if you’ve never heard of role-playing games, what the hell am I talking about? Read on and find out. Continue reading “Role-playing games, what are they?”

Writing tools – an overview


Using the right tools is essential to any profession. Writing doesn’t require much in that area, you can use a stick to write on an empty stretch of beach if you like. However, there’s not enough beach around to write that epic Fantasy novel, so you’ll probably want to use more convenient writing tools. Let’s have a look at what is out there. Continue reading “Writing tools – an overview”

The Info dump


Did you know that Sauron in the Lord of the Rings is actually only a lieutenant of the dark god Morgoth? No? The Lord of the Rings could have started with an explanation of this and of the history of all the races of Middle Earth. It didn’t, because Tolkien constrained himself. His writing didn’t smell of info dumps, even though he had a lot of world to build and info to dump. He started with a short segment on Hobbits instead.

Let’s have a look at what ‘info dumps’ are and how to avoid them. Continue reading “The Info dump”