Merry Christmas

There are a lot of different feasts that are all celebrated around the middle of winter.

The Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, the celebration of the winter solstice, the celebration of a soft drink (that means you Coca Cola), and the Scandinavian celebration of dressing up in goat skins and going door to door called Joulupukki.

So, a large percentage of the world population is celebrating something. I wonder if it isn’t the largest celebration in the world – Although, China, India, and the Islamic countries are not along for the ride. Anyway, merry Christmas / winter solstice / Coca-Cola party / Joulupukki everyone!


Broken Characters: to thine own self be true

by rahego under Creative Commons

In a previous post, I identified broken plot and broken characters as reasons that I feel stories often fail. Last time I talked about plot, so today, I’ll talk about broken characters.

By broken characters, I mean characters that are not internally consistent. That doesn’t mean that all stories should focus on character. Read Characters & Viewpoints by Orson Scott Card for more about his famous MICE quotient.

You can have characters that do not grow or change, and do not even have a big role. However, they can still be broken, and they can still ruin a story.

By internally consistent I mean, given the situation that a character is in, and their background, they should act in a plausible way. It doesn’t mean they have to be rational, but it does mean their actions flow logically from who they are and what happens to them. For instance, if an armed police officer witnesses a crime, they will call it in, or try to stop it. Of course, the officer can cower in fear, but then you’ll have to give an explanation for this at some point in the story. Characters can be completely irrational, but you have to establish them as such. Continue reading “Broken Characters: to thine own self be true”

The Other Revenge of the Sith

RevengeOfTheSithFrom the days of yore – well, from 2005, which is almost a decade ago – here’s my take on Star Wars Episode III:

The Other Revenge of the Sith.

After watching the episode 3 in the movie theatre, I spent about an hour afterwards ranting with some friends, in front of the theatre. With an audience.

Since I really loved the original Star Wars trilogy, I needed to release my disappointment somewhere. So, I channelled it into a spoof script of the movie. The Other Revenge of the Sith was the result.

Promises, promises – a tale of broken plots

by rahego under Creative Commons

When I notice bad writing in books, TV shows, or video games, it’s often because of broken plots or characters. I’d like to talk about the first: broken plots. Everybody loves to talk about their work. So, as a writer, of course I also feel the need to blog about writing. Just like all the other gazillion writers in the world. Aside from reading books, I like watching television shows, and playing video games. Continue reading “Promises, promises – a tale of broken plots”