• The Thousand Sails of Elysium. A 125,000-word fantasy novel set on a flooded future earth that reverted to the age of sail. The protagonist is John Rake, a captain caught in the wars of a few immortals passing themselves off as gods.
    Looking for a publisher.
  • Aperture. An 80,000-word science fiction novel. A female human resistance fighter is framed for murder. The only way to prove her innocence is to ingest a parasite that will take over her mind in less than a week.
    Looking for a publisher.
  • The Rebel and the Assassin. An 100,000 word fantasy novel. Currently being edited. Looking for a publisher.

Short stories

  • Hostages. Silver honorable mention in the 4th quarter of the 32nd Writers of the Future contest. Read it now, on this website.
  • Blood and Tears. Winner of the 2004 annual Dutch Guild of Fiction Writers writing competition.