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Dutch high school education has always been pretty good at teaching the basics of science. I also have a master’s degree in computer science from what is considered one of the top universities in the Netherlands.
That has given me a strong basis in math, physics, some chemistry, and of course, IT.
I like to keep that knowledge up-to-date and expand it by looking at certain interesting scientific phenomena. And for me, writing is learning.

January 26, 2024 / Science
Artist’s rendition of Earth’s magnetosphere – NASA

Magnetosphere might not be the first thing you think of when you think of “breathable air”, but maybe you should be.

October 20, 2023 / Science
September 8, 2023 / Science
Cat in a box - Quantum Entanglement

Quantum entanglement is the stuff of science fiction. A quantum computer could break encryption, and quantum entanglement could be the basis for faster-than-light communication. It’s so wild, Einstein spent decades trying to disprove it.

August 4, 2023 / Science
July 14, 2023 / Science