Working alone or in groups

HamstersIn my day job I’m a software developer. That means I create software that automates or aids some process that humans used to do by hand, or could not perform altogether. Before my team actually gets down to writing the software, and sometimes even during, we have to have a lot of long discussions. This is in shrill contrast to writing a story, where I can sit down and go. I’m going to look at both extremes a bit closer today.

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Merry Christmas

There are a lot of different feasts that are all celebrated around the middle of winter.

The Christian celebration of the birth of Christ, the celebration of the winter solstice, the celebration of a soft drink (that means you Coca Cola), and the Scandinavian celebration of dressing up in goat skins and going door to door called Joulupukki.

So, a large percentage of the world population is celebrating something. I wonder if it isn’t the largest celebration in the world – Although, China, India, and the Islamic countries are not along for the ride. Anyway, merry Christmas / winter solstice / Coca-Cola party / Joulupukki everyone!