I'm currently not writing new 'Frank, Hank, and Charles' comics.
If you haven't read the comic yet, then I hope you enjoy it. Below is the first page.
The 527 pages currently available form a complete story, without any loose ends.

And if you're a Star Wars fan, you might enjoy this take on The Phantom Menace.

An average apartment building somewhere in the world...

Charles, Charles! Do you wanna play hide-and-seek?
Hello Frank. Hello Hank. I'll try to explain this to you carefully - yet again.
We've been living in this apartment building together for, oh, three months now. Every day I come into the hall to find you waiting here, with your bowties and all, and I tell you - each time - what I will tell you now:
Do you wanna play hide-and-seek with us?
The actual blood-curdling violence that Charles is inflicting has been edited out in the style of the old batman series.
#1 "Introducing: Frank, Hank and Charles", copyright © M. Stellinga 2004