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Frank Hank and Charles

Twelve years ago, before the first iPhone, before Snowden, when Guantanomo Bay and the Iraq invasions were still thought of as a good idea by some, I had a web comic called Frank, Hank, and Charles.


Webcomics were hot and new back then, and of course they still are. My own webcomic Frank, Hank, and Charles, was never very popular beyond my close group of friends, but I had fun making it, so I kept at for quite a long run.

I recently moved some of my website content around and I thought it was a good time to share this old work of mine.

This comic is violent, sexually explicit, and has some typos here and there. On top of that, it’s not that well drawn, but I think it has some interesting characterisation and dialogue, and the plots are pretty good. Note that it is a decade old on average, and I did grow as a writer since then.


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