Choosing a narrative voice


Whenever you write a story, you have to choose who you’re writing as, how the story will be narrated, and in what tense. I’d like to focus on narrative voice in this one: first, second, and third person. Of course, narrative tense is also important, as is which character you choose as a viewpoint, but in this post I’m focusing on the voice.
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Writing smells – Said Bookism and the Passive


I wrote a post about writing smells before, and mentioned there were many more. Having foreshadowed that, I have to deliver, of course. So, below are two more writing smells: the Said Bookism and the Passive. Continue reading “Writing smells – Said Bookism and the Passive”

In the trenches of the format wars

EpubVsAZWIt is the age of the e-reader. Or rather, the start of the age of the e-reader. The printed book isn’t going to go away, whatever some believe, but e-readers are taking a prominent place in our world. I used to lug books everywhere. Now I just have to drag my Kindle. Unfortunately, with the rise of the e-books, comes the rise of a format war. Continue reading “In the trenches of the format wars”

Writing smells

WritingI am of the opinion that skills from one discipline can be very valuable for other disciplines. For instance, knowing the basics of psychology helps with software development. I also believe there are valuable insights from software development that apply to writing. One such insight is writing smells. Continue reading “Writing smells”