Five common writing mistakes


As you can see from the ‘about’ section, I’m an aspiring author. There are a lot of us, all looking to get our masterpieces published. Unfortunately, when you look at what people produce, you find a lot of those masterpieces suck. I’m not going to say my own masterpiece is better, but there are some rookie writing mistakes I’ve made in the past that I don’t make (as often) any more, and I thought it’d be a good idea to share those.

So, as the clickbaitified title implies: a list of five mistakes new writers tend to make. Continue reading “Five common writing mistakes”

Pay-per-page for KDP Select


Amazon announced they’re going to change their KDP Select programme so that it pays authors for every page of their novels that was read. For those who don’t know KDP Select, it’s a Netflix-style book programme from Amazon, where a reader pays a monthly subscription for the Kindle Unlimited service and gets to read whatever they want from the list of books on KDP Select.

So what does this mean and how does it work? Continue reading “Pay-per-page for KDP Select”