The Other Revenge of the Sith

RevengeOfTheSithFrom the days of yore – well, from 2005, which is almost a decade ago – here’s my take on Star Wars Episode III:

The Other Revenge of the Sith.

After watching the episode 3 in the movie theatre, I spent about an hour afterwards ranting with some friends, in front of the theatre. With an audience.

Since I really loved the original Star Wars trilogy, I needed to release my disappointment somewhere. So, I channelled it into a spoof script of the movie. The Other Revenge of the Sith was the result.

Promises, promises – a tale of broken plots

by rahego under Creative Commons

When I notice bad writing in books, TV shows, or video games, it’s often because of broken plots or characters. I’d like to talk about the first: broken plots. Everybody loves to talk about their work. So, as a writer, of course I also feel the need to blog about writing. Just like all the other gazillion writers in the world. Aside from reading books, I like watching television shows, and playing video games. Continue reading “Promises, promises – a tale of broken plots”


So, I danced the dance that you have to do when launching a new brand: the digital land grab.

It went well, so I’ve got a new domain, twitter, facebook, you know, the works. Phew. That’s a lot of new accounts to remember.