As a European to all US citizens: go vote Biden!

Dear US citizens, the last time I was in the US is over two decades ago, but what I — and possibly a lot of other people around the world — cannot understand is why a lot of you won’t vote Biden.

Dear US, you have this insane two party system, and one of these parties has put a lunatic in the driver’s seat. First, they regulated their way into being able to win an election with a lot less votes than the other party, with gerrymandering and lawsuits, and by taking people’s right to vote. Then, that party and its voters put a vile man in the White House, who is basically just a stupid version of Putin, hell-bent on destroying your country by isolating it from the world and turning it into a white-supremacy-cowboy kingdom with him as king.

And now, after four years of that, with one last chance left to stop it, some of you are saying ‘you know, this Biden really isn’t the next Jesus we want‘.

But guess what? There is no person on this Earth who can live up to the standards you set, because you have a two-party system where the would-be President needs to please over 175 million people, each with a different standard.

But hey, luckily, events have made that entire point mute: you vote Biden, flaws and all, or your country turns into an autocratic nightmare, Third Reich style. We’ve all seen it happen these past four years. And four more years will see things truly go off the rails.

Insanely enough, 40% of you still vote for ‘autocratic nightmare’. And a lot of you apparently still think: let’s not vote, because Joe Biden isn’t Elizabeth Warren. Or he’s just not a guy I like. Or, Biden is just as bad. Really? How in this mind-boggling insane situation can anybody see that as a good idea? Yes, your system is f*cked, but Biden seems a pretty decent guy compared to Trump.

Ideally, yes, you’d want to have more choice, but either you find some way to change your entire political system in a month, or there is really no choice. Yes, the fact that so many of your fellow citizens have lost all trust in politics and just want to bring the whole government down, is a problem. And, yes, maybe the decline of the US is inevitable, and like the Roman Empire, it will disintegrate. And yes, Biden won’t stop that.

But if you don’t vote for him, or vote some third party, you will actively support the nightmare that will undoubtedly follow with another four years of Trump — or maybe eight more years of Trump, or twenty. The romantic notion of voting with your heart has been grabbed by the pussy, payed off, and dragged off by federal officers in an unmarked van.

And, yeah, as a European, I don’t get a vote and I should shut up.

But, see, the rub is: us Europeans don’t get a vote, and didn’t last time, but we are screwed over by the result. Trump destabilized the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia, and those are all on our doorstep. We’re suffering from tariffs because you elected a clown who doesn’t understand economics. He seems to be literally trying to destroy the human race by actively pushing climate change. I am a part of that human race too. So, yeah, I feel I have a stake.

So, in summary: shut up and go vote Biden!

Martin Stellinga Written by:

I'm a science fiction and fantasy writer from the Netherlands