Five Worldbuilding Tips

FlorenceWriting a good science fiction or fantasy book requires a good setting. This is setting is usually made up – or partially made up, as in urban fantasy. Worldbuilding is the process of creating such a setting. I’ve created several imaginary worlds and learned a lot while doing so. Here are five tips for people sitting down to create their own world.

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2016 in review, sans Politics

2016 is almost over. John Oliver hit the political side quite well. I won’t jump on the ‘F*ck You 2016’ bandwagon, because 2016 is also the year that I became a father. I had a pretty good year. Instead, let’s have a look at some of the entertainment that 2016 has brought.

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Three pros and three cons of Nanowrimo


National Novel Writing Month – or Nanowrimo – is a yearly event in November, where writers from around the globe try to write a 50,000 word novel. Yes, one month, 50,000 words.

We’re already halfway through this year’s edition. It’s overshadowed a bit by the US elections, I think, but it is still happening. Nanowrimo has some advantages, but also some drawbacks. I’ve found it’s really not my thing.

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