Neuromarketing Video Games

NeuromarketingI was at a neuromarketing presentation two weeks ago. When I saw some of the techniques used, I was immediately reminded of video games, specifically of a video Jim Sterling did on some of the practices in video game marketing. Then I read that the Dutch gambling authority is looking into possibly classifying  loot boxes in video games as gambling, as is Belgium and Hawaii. Clearly, something is up.

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A US-Russia Cyber Unit is Like Pooling Nuclear Launch Codes

Cyber warfare

After the G20 summit, President Trump tweeted he’d like to form “an impenetrable Cyber Security unit” with the Russians. Commentators and Senators were quick to point out this was a stupid idea. I’d like to dig into why this is such a monumentally stupid plan. Continue reading “A US-Russia Cyber Unit is Like Pooling Nuclear Launch Codes”