A US-Russia Cyber Unit is Like Pooling Nuclear Launch Codes

Cyber warfare

After the G20 summit, President Trump tweeted he’d like to form “an impenetrable Cyber Security unit” with the Russians. Commentators and Senators were quick to point out this was a stupid idea. I’d like to dig into why this is such a monumentally stupid plan. Continue reading “A US-Russia Cyber Unit is Like Pooling Nuclear Launch Codes”

Deep learning to Advertise 1984 Style

Deep LearningDeep learning is a field of software that is really ‘hot’ right now. It’s a member of the machine learning family, and used for things such as image and speech recognition. I foresee some disturbing applications in video and audio manipulation for advertising.

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The light barrier

light barrierThe light barrier is a big hurdle to interstellar travel. The maximum speed of the universe is the light speed. At that speed, even the nearest star to us is over four years away. That really puts a barrier between us and our interstellar ambitions. I’ll try to explain how this barrier works.

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