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July 31, 2020 / Reviews

In 2018, Patrick Stewart made an appearance at the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention to reveal he would star in a new TV show: Picard. I watched the show recently.

July 10, 2020 / Reviews

I watched the first episode of Van Helsing a year or so ago. I’m not a big fan of survival horror TV shows, so after that first episode it sat on my ‘to watch’ list. After Dracula, I decided to start watching again, if only to get the taste of bad vampire show out of my mouth.

June 12, 2020 / Writing

I was discussing Altered Carbon Season 2 with my wife the other day, and we both agreed it isn’t very good. It has the same problem as Game of Thrones does, a show I stopped watching early on and a book series I don’t know if I want to finish even if George RR Martin ever does.

May 1, 2020 / Reviews

The men who created the British television show Sherlock created a series based on Dracula. OMG, Squee, WTFBBQ, that’ll be neat….

March 6, 2020 / Reviews
The Witcher

Long ago in the nineties, a Polish writer named Andrzej Sapkowski wrote and published stories about a Witcher. A computer game series followed that catapulted the series into world-wide fame. Then there was a comic. And now there is a hit Netflix show. After the Mandalorain last week, let’s have a look.