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April 15, 2022 / Writing
Suspension of Disbelief

Some movies will make me shout “I don’t believe it! This is just too stupid.” out loud. In some ways, that’s a strange remark. Because, really, all movies are unrealistic, unless I’m watching a documentary. But some movies seem more unrealistic than others.

March 18, 2022 / Writing
March 11, 2022 / Reviews
The Dispatcher cover

Imagine a world where anybody who is murdered comes back to life. You can’t? Well, John Scalzi wrote ‘the Dispatcher’ about such a world so you don’t have to.

December 10, 2021 / Writing

Authenticity, originality, and being real are all the craze. My managers had ‘authentic leadership’ courses, and everybody and their sister are writing ‘original works.’ Why is that so important to us?

November 5, 2021 / Writing
Writer's Block

Writer’s block, by any other name, would smell as… Alright, bad metaphor. Really, names have power. In my opinion, the name ‘writer’s block’ has led to the wrong idea that it’s something that only affects writers.